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Getting Started with your Financial computational device

You will learn how to use, all the settings and functions of your TI BA II Plus, HP 10BII, or HP 12C financial calculators to solve Time Value, Bond Valuation, and Capital Budgeting Problems.

Time Value of Money

Using Microsoft Excel or your financial calculator, you will learn how to solve Time Value of Money Problems, with real world examples such as, finding the monthly payment on a car loan.

bond valuation

Using Microsoft Excel or your financial calculator, you will learn how to solve Bond Valuation Problems such as finding the value or yield to maturity for bonds with annual or semi-annual payments.

Capital budgeting

Using your financial calculator, you will learn how to solve for the Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return of a firm's capital investment projects.

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Easy to follow videos

Our videos offer step by step instructions on how to solve a multitude of common finance problems across multiple computational devices

learn at your own pace

Our videos are divided into financial concepts as well as individual problem types. You can learn a complete concept or only the problems relevant to you.

Unrivaled Teaching expertise

Dr. Gerard T. Olson, Ph.D., is a highly distinguished Professor of Finance at Villanova School of Business with over 40 years of teaching experience.

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 Our mission at eLEARNABOUT Videos is to be the leader in e-learning serving the educational, corporate training, and personal enrichment markets. Combining innovative production techniques with our teaching expertise, we develop and produce videos and materials to meet the individual’s and business’ learning goals and objectives.

          We employ the highest quality educators to facilitate the learning process in an easy to learn and convenient environment. Our goal is to enhance your learning so you can be in a position to make a positive contribution to your employer, family, and society. 

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“These videos taught finance skills necessary in the real world.
-undergraduate student
“The material was straight forward and easy to comprehend.”
-Undergraduate Student
“I strongly recommend that this material be part of all graduate students’ tools for present and future reference.”
-Graduate Student

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