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Building Financial Models
with Excel - Streaming Videos

excel financial modelsWe are pleased to present our new video series,
Building Financial Models with Excel
featuring Gerard T. Olson, Ph.D., Professor of Finance at Villanova School of Business.

Dr. Olson is a distinguished and highly popular professor who brings over 35 years of teaching experience to these videos. He shares his extensive knowledge, wit and enthusiasm while creating an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.

This is an interactive video series where you build financial models with Excel.

Upon completion of these videos, you will download the models you create and will be able to apply them to future financial problems and decisions.

  • You will develop your financial model building skills.
  • You will develop your ability to analyze financial problems.
  • Your financial decision making skills will be enhanced.

This Streaming Video Series builds and applies financial models with Excel as you analyze and solve time value, bond valuation, and capital budgeting problems. 

Topics Include:

Time Value of Money

  • Build the Present Value Model
  • Find the Present Value of a Lump sum
  • Build the Future Value Model
  • Find the Future Value of an Annuity
  • Build the Payment Model
  • Find the Payment on a Loan
  • Build the Rate of Return Model
  • Find the Yield on an Investment
  • Build the Number of Periods Model
  • Find the Number of Periods

Bond Valuation

  • Build the Value of a Bond Model
  • Find the Value of a Bond with Annual Coupon Payments
  • Find the Value of a Bond with Semi-Annual Coupon Payments
  • Build the Yield to Maturity Model
  • Find the Yield to Maturity with Annual Coupon Payments
  • Find the Yield to Maturity with Semi-Annual Coupon Payments

Capital Budgeting

  • Build the Cash Flow Model to Find NPV, IRR, and MIRR
  • Cash Flow Example Problem

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