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Our story

at eLEARNABOUT Videos is to be the leader in e-learning serving the educational, corporate training, and personal enrichment markets.  Combining innovative production techniques with our teaching expertise, we develop and produce videos and material designed to meet the individual’s and business’ learning goals and objectives. 
We employ the highest quality educators to facilitate the learning process in an easy to learn and convenient environment.  Our goal is to enhance your learning so you can be in a position to make a positive contribution to your employer, family, and society. 

Our Leader

Mary has an undergraduate degree in Special Education, completed graduate work in counseling, and an MBA.  She has taught finance, management, and marketing at the undergraduate level. 
In one of her first Special Education classes, Mary remembers discussing what makes Special Education so special.  The answer is simply good teaching.  It is the principle of good teaching which drives her to ensure the success of eLEARNABOUT. 

Our Presenter

Dr. Olson is a highly distinguished Professor of Finance at Villanova School of Business with over 50 years of teaching experience. Dr. Olson is the recipient of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching, Gerald A. Dougherty Endowed School of Business Faculty Award in Celebration of Teaching Excellence, Daniel O’Mara Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Programs, Bridgebuilder’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities, Thomas J. Carmody, Jr. Faculty Award for the Integration of Teaching and Theory, and Practice (inaugural recipient). Dr. Olson was voted by the Senior Class at Villanova University to give the Last Lecture to the Graduating Class. 
Dr. Olson has created a standard of teaching excellence at eLEARNABOUT which is evidenced in our videos.
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Why Choose Us

Under Graduate Courses

○ Principles Classes supplements classroom instruction

○ Upper Level Classes  used as a refresher
of previous Finance classes

○ Personal Finance Classes  supplements
classroom instruction

Graduate Courses

○ MBA Foundation Classes supplements
classroom instruction

○ Core Level and Advanced Classes – used
as a refresher of previous Finance classes

○ Used as a primer in MBA and MSF

Online Courses

○ Undergraduate Classes

○ Graduate Classes

Client Testimonials

“They were real world examples that clearly showed how to calculate the desired variables.”
“They should be fundamental to any Finance course.”
"Love the videos. They're very beneficial and really helpful"

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